Our Origins

Ecuador is a country with a great beauty and full of natural resources. Its tropical climate combined with the high valleys in the Andes, offer the perfect conditions for the production of roses. Not only that but the location of Glamor Roses near the equator, allows the ideal exposure to sunlight.

With a soil very nourished by glacial waters and very rich in minerals from the volcanic soil, the perfect recipe has been given for thousands of years to plant the most beautiful rose in the world.

Therefore, with more than 17 years in the industry; Glamor Roses now produces more than 900,000 stems of roses per month in over 50 different varieties. Being blessed with the land that provides the area of Machachi, we believe in the product we produce and we know that we have all the tools to provide an impeccable product.

Long stalks, vivid colors and unmatched consistency is what you receive when we deliver roses from Glamor Roses.


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